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Motor pool Capacity

For the needs of transport, our Company dispose with the following vehicles capacities:

We own 10 tank trucks in total for transport of LPG, 3 of which are semi-trailers and 7 tanks trucks of DROMACH make with the volume of 21, 22, 35, 45, and 50 m³ and carrying capacity of 9, 10, 16, 19, and 20 tons.

The transport and distribution of oil derivations is carried out in tank trucks within which there are 3 semi-trailers with the volume of 34,500 l, 34,000 l, and 15,000 l, namely carrying capacity of 26, 33.5, and 34.5 tons. For the needs of distribution of oil derivations, we also use the trailer truck with the tank truck of 30 tons capacity and tank trucks with the volume of 10,000, and 13,000 l.

The distribution of propane-butane canisters for households and industry is carried out by 6 vehicles of ATEGO make with 5 t of carrying capacity and 2 vans with 1.2 t of carrying capacity.

Paletted cargo is distributed by 4 covered semi-trailers with the carrying capacity of 25 t, namely volume of 26 industrial, i.e. 34 Euro palettes. There are also 2 trucks with the useful carrying capacity of 5 t that are used for distribution of paletted cargo.